Year: 2018

3rd Annual Chili Cook-Off

3rd Annual Chili Cook-Off

The 3rd Annual Chili Cook-Off!

Our weekend started out Friday as campers rolled into the campground. After getting settled, everyone that didn’t feel like cooking came down to the pavilion for our weekly buffet. It was delicious!! Once dinner was cleaned up, it was time for an exciting game of Snack Time BINGO. Who doesn’t want to win a bunch of snacks?! The game was played by exchanging any type of snack (candy bar, nabs, chips, etc.) for Bingo cards – with the turnout we had, the coverall became very large – upping the stakes of the game even more! Our lucky coverall winner got to take home an entire bag of snacks, stuffed to the brim & then some!! Congratulations!!

Saturday morning started out early. The Chili Cook-Off contestants set up and got ready to prepare their chili from scratch. At 8am, contestants were given the OK to start cooking. Everyone got busy browning their meats, chopping vegetables, and adding all those secret ingredients to their chili. 4 hours of time was allotted to cook the chili from start to finish.

While the mouthwatering smell of chili cooking filled the campground, children of all ages gathered in front of the pavilion for our Kids Craft Hour. It’s always really neat to see how creative they get with their crafts and the way their imagination runs wild!

At noon all chili cooking stopped and our 3 judges came in to taste all the wonderful chili. They were given a 1oz tasting of each as they moved down the line judging on color, aroma, consistency, taste and aftertaste. Once the judges finished tasting all 18 different chilies, they tallied their scores to determine who took home 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize. A special thank you to Jim Glass with US Foods, Augusta County Sheriff Donald Smith, and Billy Johnson a local area cook, for coming in and being judges for our Chili Cook-Off!! At 1:00 campers were invited in to taste all the deliciousness and vote for the Campers Choice Award. Prizes weren’t awarded until later in the evening though, making us all wait with anticipation to find out who won what!!

SAFC’s House Band “Hott Mess” joined us Saturday night playing all our favorite classic rock tunes. The dance floor filled up quickly as the band rocked on!

As promised, we presented our Chili Cook-Off awards when the band took a short break. 1st prize went to Thomas Robertson, coming in with a score of 120 points! 2nd prize went to Teresa Dabowski – with a score of 114 points, and 3rd prize went to Dennis Miller – with a score of 109 points. Congratulations y’all!! Next up was the Camper’s Choice Award, the contestant that had the most tickets in their jar at the end of the tasting was Nicole Rutherford – racking up a total of 39 votes. Congratulations Nicole!!

We interrupted the band one last time later in the night to do our 50/50 Raffle Drawing. Our lucky winner this weekend took home $426! Congratulations!!

Theresa Moore closed out our weekend activities on Sunday morning as campers gathered at our “church with no walls” and listened to a delightful message titled “Talk Yourself Happy Part 2: The Power of Love Will Set You Free”.

This weekend came and went in the blink of an eye, but as the old saying goes “time flies when you’re having fun”! As always, we would like to thank everyone who came and camped with us this weekend – you guys are the ones that make it possible for us to have the events and activities that we do and we’re greatly appreciative of your continued support. See y’all again soon!!

3rd Annual Fall Yard Sale

3rd Annual Fall Yard Sale

Wow! What a busy weekend we had here at The Acres with our 3rd Annual Fall Yard Sale along with the rescheduling of our 4th Annual Fall Cruise-In/Craft Fair!

Friday was the calm before the storm as campers started arriving and got settled into their spots. That evening campers enjoyed our weekly buffet of mouthwatering good food that tasted just like grandma made it! After our bellies got full, we had an enjoyable time playing an exciting game of Matchbox/Hot Wheels BINGO – trading toy cars for Bingo cards. The lucky winner of the coverall received a big bucket filled with Matchbox cars! Congratulations!!

Saturday morning started before the sun came up as our Yard Sale vendors began arriving as early as 6am to set-up their goods for our 3rd Annual Fall Yard Sale. And let me tell you…. they brought the goods!! With so many different items to choose from, there’s no way you could leave the yard sale without finding a new treasure for yourself or your home.

We also had our Fall Craft Fair going on during the day. Crafters from all over came with their beautiful hand-made goods, displaying them for everyone to see. There was a large variety of crafts to pick from – including hand-made jewelry, crochet items, decorative pieces for your home and more – we had a smorgasbord of items!

Around noon, car owners from around the area started rolling into the campground with their cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans, antiques and hot rods. The first 100 vehicles to register for the Cruise-In received a Dash Plaque to commemorate the event. We had Door Prizes, 50/50 Raffle Tickets for sale & concessions at the Tie-Dye Wagon for everyone to feast on. DJ’s Mark & Patty joined us playing some awesome 80’s tunes throughout the day. At the close of our Cruise-In the lucky 50/50 ticket holder took home a whopping $451! Congratulations!!

On Saturday night campers filled the dance floor as SAFC’s House Band “Hott Mess” rocked the campground with all our favorite classic rock tunes! They sure do know how to put on a good show!!

The weekend activities ended with a lovely Sunday Morning Service by Theresa Moore titled “Talk Yourself Happy: The Power of Love Will Set You Free”.

To say we had a busy weekend here at The Acres would be an understatement, but we had a blast! Thank you to everyone who came and camped with us this weekend, we hope to see y’all again soon!!

2nd Annual Amazing Race

2nd Annual Amazing Race

The weekend of our 2nd Annual Amazing Race was so much fun! Campers filled the campground Friday, getting set-up & comfortable before chowing down on some delicious home-style cookin’ served under the pavilion. Later that evening, everyone was invited to watch the movie “Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life” – a hilarious film about a boy who has to transfer schools and learn how to follow the rules…hence “the worst years of his life”.

The next morning brought us our Amazing Race!! Now this was something you definitely didn’t want to miss! Contestants gathered under the pavilion to get the “low down” on the race before they were sent out to compete against each other. Teams were given a clue in the form of a riddle at the beginning of the race telling them what location to go to around the campground. Once each team figured out their clues and ran to the right location, they were given a task to complete – when completed, teams would get another clue to figure out for the next stop in the race. Each location had a different task to perform, from trying to remember a picture & drawing it perfectly, completing in a 3-legged egg & spoon race, answering trivia questions and more! Teams had to hurry though! There were elimination rounds throughout the course, narrowing down our contestants until we had our final 3 teams. Coming in 1st place was Team Curry, winning a Shenandoah Acres gift basket filled with all kinds of goodies to enjoy! 2nd place went to Team Times Up, winning a certificate for 2 Free Nights of Camping along with a gift certificate to The Acres Eatery and our 3rd place prize went to Team Marsh, winning a certificate for 2 Free Nights of Camping. Congratulations to our winners!! A big thank you goes to everyone who came, participated and volunteered in the Amazing Race – we hope y’all had just as much fun as we did!

Later that evening, Baby Girl’s Karaoke joined us for a chance to become a STAR! Campers of all ages picked their song and belted out their tune for our listening pleasure! We had a great time tearing up the dance floor to all the different genres of music and songs that everyone picked. You guys really know how to have a good time!

We took a short break from singing to draw our 50/50 Raffle. The lucky winner took home $452!! Congratulations!!!

To close out our weekend everyone was invited to “the church with no walls” to hear a wonderful message delivered by Theresa Moore titled “Trust God”.

All-in-all we had a fun filled weekend here at The Acres watching movies, competing in the Amazing Race and singing our hearts out! Thank you to everyone who came and camped with us this weekend – we hope to see y’all again soon!!

Labor Day Weekend 2018

Labor Day Weekend 2018

Labor Day Weekend here at The Acres was jam-packed full of things to do! Starting out Friday night, The Acres Eatery served up a delicious buffet in the campground for all the hungry campers out there. Then we got down to business with a game of Snack Time BINGO!! Everyone got their cards and took a chance at winning a pile of snacks!!

Saturday morning campers lined up as Jay & Justin cooked up some amazing BBQ Chicken!
Thank you, guys!

Everyone got their throwing arms out for our Cornhole Tournament, battling it out to see who had the best throwing team!

Children of all ages gathered under the pavilion for crafts to make baby turtles.

Early in the afternoon there was a Golf Cart Poker Run, giving campers a chance to pick a winning hand at various locations around the campground.

We had an exciting family kickball game. Teams were chosen, team names were picked and everybody had a great time seeing who would come out on top!

Saturday night, DJ’s Mark & Patty played all of our favorite dance music. There was a short intermission where we did the YETI Drawing and enjoyed an amazing light show!!

The next day started with Theresa Moore delivering a wonderful message titled “Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor” at our Sunday Morning Service.

Campers had one more shot Sunday at winning a good poker hand during our Golf Cart Poker Run!

Children gathered under the pavilion for crafts where they got creative making paper fans – giving them something to cool off with on such a hot day.

That afternoon, 20 teams joined in the Cornhole Tournament. Wow, what a turnout!

Campers filled the dance floor Sunday evening with the Kowboy Jax Band who played some awesome tunes!

During a short break, our 50/50 Raffle was drawn. The lucky 1st prize winner took home a whopping $778!! Congratulations!!

We had a blast celebrating Labor Day this weekend! Thank you to everyone who came out and camped with us – we hope to see y’all again soon!

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Redneck Weekend 2018

Redneck Weekend 2018

Redneck Weekend has come and gone… boy did we have a hootin’ & hollerin’ time!

Friday night, campers chowed down on some fine fixin’s served up buffet style by our very own Acres Eatery.

Later in the evening we played a fun game of REDNECK BINGO!! When “BINGO” was hollered, our rednecks bellowed out “YEE-HAW” and the winner got to pick one of our lovely backwoods prizes.

What better way to please a redneck than to feed ‘em chicken? So that’s just what we did! BBQ Chicken went on sale Saturday morning, and man did it smell amazing. Everyone lined up early to make sure they got some before we ran out!! Thank you, Jay & Daniel, for cookin’ us up some mighty fine chicken!

Did somebody say “Water Fight”? That’s right! The entire campground got their soaking mechanisms out and drenched each other in an hour-long Campground Water Gun Fight!!

You can’t have a Redneck Weekend without some redneck games. Campers got together and participated in the games “Walk the Plank” and “Big Foot”. It was a blast seeing everyone come together and have some good ole’ fashioned fun.

Saturday night we all boogied down when the Hot Mess Band rocked the house!

During a short break in the music, we awarded our Camper’s Choice Awards for best decorated Redneck Campsite. Congrats to all our winners!

Now rednecks really can’t sleep well at night unless they hear something go “BOOM” in the night first, and we aim to please….so we made some things go “BOOM” in the night with an amazing light show!

The YETI Raffle Drawing was done right after the light show, and our lucky winner took home a YETI Cooler!! Second and third prize were also given, including a YETI Rambler and a YETI T-Shirt. Congrats to all the winners!!

On Sunday morning, campers gathered around the Chapel and listened as Theresa Moore gave the message titled “Changed People, Change People”.

All-in-all, Redneck Weekend was a darn tootin’ good time! Thank you to everyone who came and camped with us, we thoroughly enjoyed your company and hope to see you soon!

Click Here for a photo gallery of the event.