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Tie Dye Weekend 2018

Tie Dye Weekend 2018

What a wonderful weekend we had here at The Acres for Tie-Dye Weekend!!

The Acres Eatery served up a delicious meal buffet style Friday night, giving campers a chance to come get their bellies full. Later in the evening, we played the “Bee Movie” for anyone who wanted to bring their chairs, blankets or golf carts and have a nice relaxing evening.

Tie-Dying started Saturday morning as campers lined up and learned how to spin, band and dye a t-shirt! Everyone had a blast making a new shirt with their own special touch on them.

Later in the afternoon, all ages were welcome to play a family fun game of Wiffle Ball. Teams battled it out to see who would go home with a victory!

Campers were able to meet their fellow neighbors and tear the dance floor up when DJ’s Mark & Patty came and played all our favorite dance music Saturday night! We took a small break from dancing to do our 50/50 raffle drawing later in the evening. Our 1st place winner took home a whopping $645!! Congratulations!!

Sunday morning, Theresa Moore delivered a powerful message titled “Offer Your Hand : Not Your Judgement”.

Tie-Dye weekend was so much fun!! Thank you to everyone who came and camped with us this past weekend, we really enjoyed having you all here.

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Getting Ready For School Weekend

Getting Ready For School Weekend

We had an awesome time this past weekend getting ready to go back to school in the following weeks. Friday night we ate a delicious meal served buffet style by The Acres Eatery. When everyone got nice and full Cornbread the Comic, Happy Feet the Clown, and Harvey Tater showed up to entertain us with a knee slapping time! If you didn’t laugh for these guys, your funny bone would almost have to be broke!!

The kids had a wonderful time Saturday during our Kids Craft Hour making Clothespin Birds. Happy Feet the Clown even showed up during the crafting hour to make balloon pets for all the kids! It was so much fun!!

Campers gathered around for an exciting Family Kickball Game later in the afternoon. Teams were selected, captains were chosen and team names were picked. “The Hokies” and “The REAL Hokies” battled it out in a fun game, resulting in “The REAL Hokies” going home with the victory.

What better way to get ready for back to school time besides playing Backpack BINGO! We traded school supplies for BINGO cards and had such a wonderful time! Thank you so to our camping families who donated school supplies, you made the winning VERY large!

Later in the evening Baby Girl’s Karaoke joined us and campers became STARS singing all their favorite songs…even the little ones got up there and gave it their all!

We took a break from singing for a little bit to do our 50/50 Raffle Drawing. The lucky winner received $624!! WOW!! Now this lady has one big heart because she donated $100 of her winnings back to the Children’s Fund here at The Acres. How cool is that? Thank you so much!!

For our Sunday morning service, Theresa Moore delivered the sequel to her message last week, “Flipping Your House Part 2”.

All-in-all we had a fantastic weekend here at The Acres getting ready for school. Thank you again to all who donated to the children this past weekend. We would also like to  thank everyone who came and camped with us – we loved having you and hope to see you again soon.

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Hillbilly Jamboree 2018

Hillbilly Jamboree 2018

The campground was invaded by The ACCA Hillbillies this past weekend to help raise money for the Shriners Hospitals for Children, bringing with them all kinds of fun and games!

Friday night got started out with hungry hillbillies chowing down on some delicious food served buffet style by The Acres Eatery. Everything was delicious!

Once everybody got their bellies full, campers gathered under the pavilion for a fun game on Hillbilly BINGO! Cards cost $1.00 each and all proceeds went to the Children’s Hospital. Of course, there were prizes to be won if you hollered “YEE-HAW” though!!

On Saturday morning we had a Cornhole Tournament were campers battled it out to see who would come out victorious! The Hillbillies made their appearance, selling raffle tickets for a Pelican Cooler & Tumbler Set that would be given away later in the night.

The children had so much fun making turtles during our Kids Craft Hour. They even got to play a game of Freeze Tag for a little bit while waiting on some paint to dry!

Did somebody say water fight? That’s right! There was an Hour-Long Campground Water Fight right in the middle of the day!! Everybody geared up with their shooting apparatuses and got busy soaking any and every person that came by without a “NO WATER ZONE” sign on. IT WAS A BLAST!!!!

Kids gathered around as Steve the Pirate joined us making all our favorite balloon pets. He could make almost anything you asked for!!

Campers were able to take their chance on some classic carnival games later in the day, helping to raise even more money for the Shriners organization. Thank you, Santa, for stopping by to take pictures with us!

Talk about some PURTY Hillbillies!! Whew! There was so many walking around we had a Beauty Pageant to see who was the best dressed!

Jeff Brown played some funky tunes as everybody got down on the dance floor! The awards for Best Hillbilly Campsites were given out with the Huffman Family coming in 1st place! Second place went to the Schuler Family and 3rd place went to the Shay Family. The raffle drawing for the Pelican Cooler & Tumbler Set was also drawn later in that night. Congrats to the winner!!

On Sunday morning Theresa Moore delivered an amazing message titled “Help Wanted”. Thank you to Ronda, Papa, Lester and Taylor for your beautiful music.

What a fun weekend it was helping raise money for such a good cause. Thank you to everyone who came, participated, and donated. With your help, together we raised $4,000 for the Shriners Hospitals for Children!


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4th of July 2018

4th of July 2018

Wow! What a week we had here at the Acres celebrating the 4th of July. Our celebration began Friday, June 30th, with our weekly Friday night buffet, and we continued celebrating until Sunday, July 8th.

We hope everyone enjoyed all the cornhole tournaments, poker runs, golfcart parades, and raffles. Congratulations to the winner!

The kids enjoyed making various patriotic crafts, bicycle parades, watching movies, and who can forget the family kickball game!

We want to say thank you to Jay for the delicious BBQ chicken cooked on our BBQ pit.

The campers enjoyed dancing the night away with music by the Hot Mess Band and DJ’s Mark & Patty. A big thank you to Kemp & Ray for the INCREDIBLE show of lights and booms! Not one night….but 3!

On Sunday, the campground kids sang for us their rendition of “God Bless America”. Thank you to Lester and Taylor for your bluegrass music during morning worship.

We want to take a moment to thank all of our veterans that sacrificed everything for us to be where we are today, so that we were able to enjoy this week we had together.

2nd Annual Campfire Jams

2nd Annual Campfire Jams

Campfire Jams weekend went off without a hitch! The weather was beautiful and the campers were just as wonderful. We started Friday night off with our delicious buffet served by The Acres Eatery; including choices of Beef Stroganoff with Noodles, Turkey with Stuffing & Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Rice Pudding and more!
After the buffet was over, we got our chairs out (or pulled our golf carts up) and watched the movie
“Cheaper By The Dozen 2”, relaxing the rest of the night before it was time to turn in for the night.

Saturday was a busy day filled with a lot of fun activities. Starting off the day there was a Cornhole Tournament, at 11am fellow campers gathered in the Chapel Field for their chance to be the Cornhole Champions!
After the teams were picked by random drawing, everybody got busy tossing their bags to see how many games they could win and who would come out on top!

YETI Raffle tickets went on sale during the Cornhole Tournament as well. Campers bought their chances at winning a nice YETI cooler stuffed with goodies if they won first prize!

At noon, kids from the campground gathered under the pavilion for Kids Craft Hour. This week we made a special Father’s Day craft that dad could hang on the fridge. The kids got really crafty and put lots of thought into what they wanted their “present” to look like. We were also able to play a couple of games while some glue dried, the kids took part in an exciting game of Red Light-Green Light then a game of Simon Says – it was a blast!

The Sweet Streets Ice Cream Truck started making its way around the entire campground with our favorite cold treats right after the kids craft – giving everybody a chance to cool off a little bit.

2:00pm brought us our Family Kickball Game. Campers of all ages gathered in the Chapel Field to participate in an exciting game! Teams were chosen, captains were picked and the coin was flipped to see who would go first. It was so much fun to see everybody come together and have a great time!

Later in the evening, we all gathered around the pavilion for some Campfire Jams. Musicians broke their instruments out and played us some wonderful tunes, we even had a few campers join in and sing some songs!

At 9:30pm, we took a break from the jams to draw the YETI Raffle winner. All tickets were dumped in a container and mixed up really good before we chose a random kid out of the crowd to pick the winning ticket.

Our 1st prize winner, taking home a YETI Cooler filled with goodies was Shirley Carroll – congratulations!! We also had a second prize drawn of a YETI Rambler 14oz mug and a 3rd place prize of a camo YETI t-shirt. After the drawing, the music started up again and we closed the night out with more of those awesome jams.

Theresa Moore delivered a special Father’s Day Service at the Chapel Sunday morning. Campers gathered around and listened to the message titled “If Dad Can’t Fix It Then Big Daddy Can!!!”. There was also a wonderful rendition of “Amazing Grace” to the tune of “House of The Rising Sun” with Ronda Clark singing and Don Smiley playing the guitar.

Thank you to everyone who came out and camped with us this past weekend, we had a blast! The next big weekend coming up here at The Acres will be the 4th of July weekend, and boy will it be packed with things to do!!! We hope to see y’all there!

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