Month: April 2018

3rd Annual Spring Yard Sale

3rd Annual Spring Yard Sale

Our 3rd Annual Spring Yard Sale took place this past Saturday, April 21st. It started out as a chilly morning for those setting up at 5:00am, but once the sun came out it was a gorgeous day for everybody to enjoy.

At 8:00am the parking lot began to fill up; everyone was off to find their new treasures. Around 28 vendors set up to sell their wares, there was a vast variety of goodies to choose from!

The Tie-Dye Wagon was also at the yard sale serving breakfast and lunch with choices such as: Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuits, Sausage Gravy, Country Ham Biscuits, BBQ, Steak Subs, etc. They even had some brownies and other desserts for all the sweet tooth’s out there.

We had an excellent turn out and such a good time we can’t wait to do it all again this fall!

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3rd Annual Spring Forward w/ Free Bird Vanners

3rd Annual Spring Forward w/ Free Bird Vanners

Spring Forward with the Free Bird Vanners had Vanners come as far as Florida, Ohio, Pensylvania, Maryland and other surrounding areas.

Despite the weather, everyone enjoyed themselves just as Vanners do. We had kids games that were played in the snow, danced to the music of the band Happy Feet and also had a van show! Trophies were given for 1st and 2nd place Chevy, Dodge, Ford and Brand X (anything other than a van) and Best of Show.

Free Bird Vanners also presented Shenandoah Acres with their own special award to show their appreciation and gratitude for having us have our event there.

We have Vanners that are already excited and can’t wait to come back next year!

Photos and Article by Rickie Graves

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Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend

What a great weekend to celebrate here at the campground, not only was this our opening weekend but also Easter weekend.

To get the weekend started off, Friday night we had a community campfire for everyone to gather around, there were even s’mores for all the sweet tooth’s out there. Campfire’s are always a fun time here at the campground because you always get to meet a new friend and have a nice relaxing time.

Early Saturday morning, the Easter bunny made his way around the campground to hide a bunch of eggs for all the kids.

Once he hid all his eggs, he came up to the pavilion for pictures with everyone!

At 10am, the kids aged 5 & under were escorted to the Chapel Field where they lined up and got ready to find as many eggs as they could! When “GO” was hollered, the kids took off and tried to fill their baskets as fast as possible. Once all the eggs in the field were found, we all met back under the pavilion to open them up and see what was inside!

Around 10:30am, we gathered all the kids aged 6-12 and took them to the woods area where they would be finding all their eggs. Ms. Carolynn lined them up and gave them the low down about where to look before yelling “GO”. The kids took off in every direction to start finding their eggs. Some of the eggs were hidden in trees whereas others were hidden in stumps, making for a very exciting hunt.

Even the squirrels enjoyed themselves at our egg hunt by helping themselves to a few of the eggs!

Later Saturday night, the camp store revealed the winner of the Jelly Bean contest where campers guessed how many jelly beans were in a container. Jennifer Ramsey guessed that there were 247 beans in the container and there were actually 248 beans, making her our lucky winner. She won some little chicks and some jelly beans!

Sunday morning brought us our Easter Sunrise Service where campers were welcomed to gather around the lake and listen to an amazing message. Theresa Moore did an excellent job delivering her sermon titled “Back To The Future”. There was also a beautiful performance by The Dunlap Family with Ronda Clark singing. After the sermon, there were light refreshments served inside the Acres Eatery that were absolutely delicious!

With such an exciting opening weekend at The Acres, we can’t wait to see what the rest of the season will bring!

For more pictures of this event please visit our Facebook page @ Shenandoah Acres Family Campground.

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