Halloween I & II 2018

We had a couple Spooktacular weekends here at The Acres celebrating Halloween! From our Haunted House, to costume contests and more – we had lots of fun activities for everyone to get in the Halloween spirit with!!

Halloween I:

Our first weekend of Halloween was for registered campers only and started out with a hauntingly good meal served buffet style for all the hungry campers in the campground.

After the buffet, we played Hotel Transylvania 2 (PG) & Z-O-M-B-I-E-S (G) on the big screen for everyone’s viewing pleasure. As the movies played, those brave enough were taken on a wagon ride down to the Haunted House. Screams could be heard as each group went through – coming up against clowns, butchers, ghosts and more!

On Saturday, we had a Kids’ Carnival for children 12 & under. At the start of the carnival, the children got to pick out their choice of trick-or-treat bag and color it, giving each bag a unique finish. When they were done, the children then loaded up on the wagon and took a ride to the carnival. We had all kinds of different games for them to play, and candy was won at each one!

Later in the day everyone broke out their costumes and competed in a friendly Costume Contest. There were three different age groups (5 & under, 6-12 and 13-Adult) that were judged on cutest, scariest and most original costume. We also judged on best family costume and best dog costume. Congrats to all the winners!!

Next up was the much-anticipated TRICK-OR-TREATING!!! Children of all ages dressed up and took over the campground, going door-to-door collecting as much candy as they could. With over 300 trick-or-treaters, our campers stayed busy seeing all the different smiling faces and handing out treats.

DJ’s Mark & Patty joined us Saturday night, bringing a great variety of different tunes to dance the night away to.

Let’s not forget about all those amazing decorations everyone put out. We took a short break from the music to award our top 3 best decorated sites, which were voted on by fellow campers throughout the day. Congratulations y’all!!

On Sunday morning, our first Halloween weekend’s activities came to an end as campers gathered under the pavilion for a message on “The Power of Patience”, delivered by Theresa Moore.

Halloween II

The second weekend of Halloween started out Friday night with another Spooktacular buffet to feed all the goons and goblins that filled the campground.

After everyone satisfied their hunger, campers took cover under the pavilion on this rainy evening – getting in the true Halloween spirit by watching Hocus Pocus (PG) and Halloween Town (PG). The children received a complimentary bag of popcorn as we all got lost in the classical Halloween hits.

The next day, children 12 and under were invited down to the pavilion to color their trick-or-treat bags and play games at the Kids’ Carnival. Seeing all the different ways they decorated their bags and how their faces lit up when they played games (and won candy) was a blast.

If you didn’t come out on top in the Costume Contest last weekend, you had another chance Saturday afternoon when everyone broke out their costumes and partook in a Campground Costume Contest. Our three judges voted on cutest, scariest and most original costume for three different age groups, along with best family costume and best dog costume. Congrats to all the winners!!

Following in suit with our first Halloween weekend, next up was our campground wide TRICK-OR-TREATING!! This weekend the trick-or-treating was opened up to the public. If you thought around 300 trick-or-treaters was a lot last weekend, how about around a whopping 600 or more!! Children from all over got in character and made their way through the campground, filling their goody bags with all kinds of candy and treats.

Hopefully you brought out your dancin’ shoes because DJ’s Mark & Patty came back, playing an awesome selection of tunes for us to all boogie the night away to!

All those magnificent site decorations everyone put out didn’t go unnoticed!! Throughout the day, fellow campers voted on which decorations they liked best. We tallied up the votes, and during a short break from the music awarded the top 3 decorated sites! Congratulations y’all!!

Now, if you stayed with us either Halloween weekend, you had the opportunity to win a prize by guessing how many candy pumpkins were in a jar located at the Camp Store. Ms. Susan Bennett guessed the EXACT amount of pumpkins by jotting down her prediction of 167. Congratulations Susan!!

Theresa Moore closed out the weekend’s activities Sunday morning with a wonderful service titled “The Gratitude Experiment”.

With so many different activities to participate in, it wasn’t hard to get in the Halloween spirit!  Thank you to everyone who came out and camped with us during our Halloween weekends, we hope y’all had just as much fun as we did!

Click here to view a photo gallery of Halloween I.
Click here to view a photo gallery of Halloween II.

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