Memorial Day Weekend 2018

Wow, what a weekend we had here at the Acres! Starting out Friday night, we had a delicious buffet by the Acres Eatery – there was Sweet & Sour Pork, Mac & Cheese, Baked Beans and more! After everyone got their bellies full and we got the buffet cleaned up, we played for candy!

Campers gathered their candy bars and traded them in for BINGO cards in an exciting game of Candy Bar Bingo! Each candy bar was worth one BINGO card. The coverall grew very quickly and the winner received a whole bucket full of chocolate! Talk about candy overload!!

Saturday was full of activities, starting off with a Cornhole Tournament that morning. Campers came ready to take their chance at being Cornhole Champions; there was a catch though, they couldn’t pick their own teams – those were drawn randomly. Everyone had a great time battling it out to see who the winners would be. YETI Raffle tickets became available at the beginning of the Cornhole Tournament as well, giving campers a chance to win a YETI Cooler at the end of the day.

There was some delicious BBQ Chicken for sale Saturday morning. You could get either half a chicken or a dinner which included half a chicken, macaroni salad, baked beans and a roll. The chicken was so good you had to grab it quick before it was all gone!

At noon we had kids gather at the pavilion for Kids Craft Hour. After getting their instructions on how to make a Patriotic Windsock, kids got busy painting their craft. While the paint was drying, we played a game where the kids tried to shoot cups off of a table using water guns. The kid that got all their cups shot off the table first was the winner. When the game was over it was time to finish making our Windsocks. They turned out so good when everyone was done!

The Sweet Streets Ice Cream Truck made its way around the campground right after Kids Craft Hour was done. Everyone that wanted ice cream was able to get some because the truck stopped at every site – and boy was it nice and refreshing!

There was a Golf Cart Parade at 4:00pm where campers shined their golf carts up, decked em’ out, and showed em’ off! Every golf cart was decorated with different patriotic items, some of the golf carts even used the Patriotic Windsock their kids make as a decoration.

Saturday night kept us entertained with a performance from the Hot Mess band. Everyone came out and shook a leg listening to some classic rock tunes!

At 9:30pm, the band took a break from playing for a little bit so we could draw the YETI Raffle winners! Erica Morris was the big winner of the raffle drawing, taking home a brand new YETI Tundra 35 filled with snacks. We also drew 2nd & 3rd prizes – 2nd prize was a YETI Tumbler and 3rd prize was a camo YETI t-shirt.

After the YETI drawing was done, the Hot Mess band closed out the night with more of our favorite tunes.

Sunday morning started out with a Sunday Service by Theresa Moore held at the Chapel. Campers gathered around and listened to a wonderful sermon titled “A Time To Remember”. There was also an amazing performance of “You Will Never Be Forgotten” by Ronda Clark with Lester Mason on the guitar.

At 12:00pm, children of all ages gathered around the pavilion to decorate their bikes for a bicycle parade. Each kid got crafty using ribbons, streamers & other objects to decorate their bicycles and themselves. Once all the bikes were decorated, they lined up and paraded around part of the campground for everyone to see!

The Sweet Streets Ice Cream Truck came back and started making its way around the campground right around the same time the bicycle parade ended. Kids gathered around the ice cream truck and everyone got to cool off by enjoying some delicious ice cream.

50/50 Raffle tickets went on sale at 2:00pm when campers came out & tried their hand at poker in a Golf Cart Poker Run. Each player could play as many hands as they wanted and had to stop at various locations around the campground to draw their cards. It was so much fun! The big winner was Jackie Duff with a hand of 4 Aces, she took home $524.00!!

DJ’s Mark & Patty joined us Sunday night, rocking the house with our favorite dance music. At 9:30pm, everyone took a break from dancing to see our Memorial Day
light show – it was amazing!

After the light show was over, we went ahead and drew for our big 50/50 Raffle winner. Ashley Scott was the lucky ticket holder, taking home a whopping $868.00!! Wow!

J.W. Humphries donated our second prize of the night, giving campers the chance to win a 7” Lighted Palm Tree. Thank you so much J.W. for your donation!

After the 50/50 drawing was over, DJ’s Mark & Patty took over again for everyone to dance the night away.

To say the least, last weekend was a blast – filled with games & activities for the whole family to participate in! We would like to thank everyone who came out and camped with us this Memorial Day Weekend – y’all were awesome & we can’t wait to see what next year will hold!

Click Here for a photo gallery of the event.

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