Redneck Weekend 2018

Redneck Weekend has come and gone… boy did we have a hootin’ & hollerin’ time!

Friday night, campers chowed down on some fine fixin’s served up buffet style by our very own Acres Eatery.

Later in the evening we played a fun game of REDNECK BINGO!! When “BINGO” was hollered, our rednecks bellowed out “YEE-HAW” and the winner got to pick one of our lovely backwoods prizes.

What better way to please a redneck than to feed ‘em chicken? So that’s just what we did! BBQ Chicken went on sale Saturday morning, and man did it smell amazing. Everyone lined up early to make sure they got some before we ran out!! Thank you, Jay & Daniel, for cookin’ us up some mighty fine chicken!

Did somebody say “Water Fight”? That’s right! The entire campground got their soaking mechanisms out and drenched each other in an hour-long Campground Water Gun Fight!!

You can’t have a Redneck Weekend without some redneck games. Campers got together and participated in the games “Walk the Plank” and “Big Foot”. It was a blast seeing everyone come together and have some good ole’ fashioned fun.

Saturday night we all boogied down when the Hot Mess Band rocked the house!

During a short break in the music, we awarded our Camper’s Choice Awards for best decorated Redneck Campsite. Congrats to all our winners!

Now rednecks really can’t sleep well at night unless they hear something go “BOOM” in the night first, and we aim to please….so we made some things go “BOOM” in the night with an amazing light show!

The YETI Raffle Drawing was done right after the light show, and our lucky winner took home a YETI Cooler!! Second and third prize were also given, including a YETI Rambler and a YETI T-Shirt. Congrats to all the winners!!

On Sunday morning, campers gathered around the Chapel and listened as Theresa Moore gave the message titled “Changed People, Change People”.

All-in-all, Redneck Weekend was a darn tootin’ good time! Thank you to everyone who came and camped with us, we thoroughly enjoyed your company and hope to see you soon!

Click Here for a photo gallery of the event.

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